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Day Nine: Gender-based Violence And Sport?

Have you ever thought about fighting gender-based violence through sport? I’m personally still a bit skeptical about the idea behind Girl Sport Guides but

3 December 2012 · Leave a comment

Day Eight: Movie Suggestion from Feminist Festival

My eighth entry for the 16-day Activism Campaign against violence on women is a selection of movies screened during the London Feminist Film Festival which took part at the Hackney Picturehouse from … Continue reading

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Day Seven: World AIDS Day

What does HIV/AIDS has to do with gender-based violence? In my seventh day of the 16-day Activism Campaign to end violence on women, I decided to publish a short description … Continue reading

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Day four: Living Under A Veil

My fourth entry for the 16-day Activism Campaign against violence on women is an extract from my dissertation on Iranian women and the relationship between gender, politics and literature.  Everyday … Continue reading

28 November 2012 · 2 Comments

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