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sur les ailes du dragon

Originally posted on semper aliquid novi africam adferre:
Yesterday I paid attention to the latest boek by Lieve Joris. She wrote beautifully about the relationship between Africa and China. She…

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African Women in US Politics

It’s often surprising how in some countries African migrants are struggling so deeply while in others they proceed their climb up to the top and manage to become active members … Continue reading

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Women Of China Are Women Of Africa

Loved to read that in China a group of African women has created an association that helps Africans back in the continent. Not only this, it also contributes to spread … Continue reading

15 September 2014 · 7 Comments

This is What I want to Hear from African Women

The Global Fund for women just shared this picture on Facebook: is an African woman sharing her will and I loved it! Don’t you?

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