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This is Not An Article, It’s A Statement

8 April 2015 · Leave a comment

British Red Cross launches ‘Get the Story Straight’ campaign on refugees

Get the Story Straight is aimed at encouraging the public and the press to challenge the popular myths, stereotypes and prejudices that surround the issue of asylum and what it means … Continue reading

31 March 2015 · Leave a comment

Is This What African Migrants in Turkey Feel Like?

To be reminded blood is thicker than water. To be reminded that you really don’t have to spend time or money to be loved. To be reminded all we have … Continue reading

28 March 2015 · 1 Comment

Migrants’ Rights Network: So we are better off because of migration, but why aren’t the politicians getting that message across?

The blizzard of commentary that accompanies the annual budget statement also included a memo from the OBR saying “Mr Chancellor, immigration is good for us.” So will he, and other … Continue reading

25 March 2015 · Leave a comment

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