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Huffington Asks Successful Women To Help Others

As a little girl Arianna Huffington did not know what success was. Now she is the founder and director of one of the most influential journalism blog, The Huffington Post. 


Arianna Huffington at the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Rome -Photo: Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua

Ms Huffington told the story of her family economic problems to an Italian audience gathered in the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Rome yesterday. She said:

“My father was a journalist and kept opening newspapers that went bankrupt.

“At some point we lived in a one bedroom apartment. My mother gave up everything, she only had two dresses left.”

With a business worth $315 million (that’s how much AOL bought it for), the Greek journalist should not have dressing issues. And The Huffington Post seems to be only growing bigger and bigger.  Already published in France, Spain, US, Canada and the UK, The Huffington Post landed in Italy this week. At its lead the renowned journalist Lucia Annunziata, a woman.

“It is incredibly important for women to have access to everything like man have,” said Ms Huffington.

She added:

“And once a woman becomes successful she has to help other women.

“As Madeleine Albreight once said, there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Arianna Huffington was hosted during the Enel “Leader. Femminile Singolare” event, a series of talks with international and Italian women leader.


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