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Can Children Really Be Pro-life?

It’s a fair question to ask and it came to mind when seeing lots of them marching in Washington to protest against abortion laws. Possibly, a more reasonable question to ask would be: do children understand what “pro-life” means?

And if one wanted to go over the issue: isn’t the expression “pro-life”, a too clear way to say that the rest are against life?

Let’s stay in the context. Last Friday some millions people walked, danced, sang, in the streets of Washington. Apparently they do that every year to express their disappointment with the American law that states that women are free to have an abortion.

Among the crowd of protesters, you could see children and toddlers even, as well as teenagers. Do they really understand what they’re fighting against? Maybe not. Maybe even the adults that are walking with them are just the aged version of the teenagers who walked that streets 20 or 30 years ago.

Not that bringing children to protests is unusual. When the Object feminist association from London went to protest against the “objectification” of women in newspapers, one of them was clearly pregnant. In Edinburgh instead, in 2010 you could see many children holding banners during a pro-Palestine protest. And one could just mention many other examples.

Point being, when parents bring their children to a protest, what exactly are they trying to achieve:

  • Moving the crowd with the sweet eyes of a future adult?
  • Save money on babysitting?
  • Making a statement? (most likely in the case of the Washington March)
  • Educating the child?

Children at N.Y. Zoo (LOC)

My opinionated, biased, completely relative guess is that many of the people who invite

children don’t really care whether the young mind actually understand what’s happening around. They make number and they’re new adepts. And it works like that in many fields. So young minds, stay bright. And tell me if I’m wrong.

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