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Where To Eat Sushi in Cardiff

If someone asks me “where can I eat good sushi in Cardiff?” I’ll most probably give one straight answer: Tenkaichi! I have discovered the place in my student years at Cardiff University and was amazed by it. The size of the rolls is actually bigger than the usual European ones, and the taste is fantastic. It’s just renovated and you can easily find it in one of the restaurant street in the capital of Wales, City Road. It does not have an all-you-can-it buffet but it’s certainly worth it. Last time I went with Gianpaolo  we spent £20 in total which is quite good for that quality. We were there on our last night in Cardiff before heading to London. Apart from my university years, the city has seen the birth of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, our documentary on Africa Diaspora in 13 cities of the world. We first went in March 2013 and came back one year after to meet the same people we interviewed long ago, the same ones we kept in touch with and those who now have children and businesses in Africa. It was an experience! An amazing one! So is eating sushi at Tenkaichi: the place is clean, waiters are nice and quick, there are long tables so you might be sitting next to a stranger on busy hours. Let me know what you think!


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