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Why Should African American Women Be Offended

Are African-American women offended by the show “Being Mary Jane“? I’d love to know that for real. Addicted as I am to TV series I give a chance to almost anyone of those, so when noticing a new TV show with all Black or people of Black minorities, I got curios and started watching it. At the beginning it was surprising: a beautiful African-American woman is also the news anchor of a successful TV show, “Talk To Mary Jane” that focuses on analyzing news and conducting live interviews. That’s how Mary Jane is at work: no emotions, rich, decided and professional. However, looking behind the scenes you see she is living alone in her house, only has a complicated relationship with Black men and has a dysfunctional family: her niece is 19 and was already two times pregnant; her older brother is a drug addict; her younger brother starts selling weed; her mother is ill with lupus. But her father is a wise, rich CEO.

Now, I do appreciate the effort to portray “minorities” and successful Black women. However, it always seems strange to me to see a series for the Blacks with all Blacks in it. But once this comfortless feeling is overcame something else happens towards the end of the series. The first season has nine episodes and constantly seem to portray Mary Jane as an intelligent but impulsive and screaming woman. Does that sound like a stereotype? Maybe I became too sensitive reading articles about the portrayal of African-Americans in US TV Show, but it does sound to me like the series started with perfectly good intention and ended up falling into the usual pietism and stereotypes. It was only a feeling until I watched episode eight, when Mary Jane’s niece tells her she got pregnant by a “Latino” so that her child would have an easier life than she did as she won’t have dark skin…………..That sounded outrageous to me! Do African-Americans feel the same?

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