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Something Blue, Something New, Something Borrowed

Not to worry, nobody is getting married here in Istanbul …yet. But that’s the expression I had in mind since arriving in this city: a series of unexpected acts of kindness made us feel home, in the first city we’re visiting to film our documentary (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, where none me or Gianpaolo know the language. Exception  made for the basic words: Merhaba! Etc..

Since we arrived we have received a house, a mobile phone, a sim card thanks to the fantastic women of the Focolari Movement here and the Saint Anthony Church in Istiklal Caddesi. But today we reached the top of the top: we were given an office space and screen to edit the Cardiff episode of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES. All this two stones away of our current house and in the amazing location of the architecture studio Atelye 70. All this happened thanks to a random meeting with Valentina Valeri of the Circolo di Roma in Istanbul.

Of course we ended this already surprising day with a brief cruise across the Bosphorus, from Kadiköy to Kebestas during the sunset.

Often people ask us how it happens that we meet African communities and people and manage to get around and feel home everywhere. Well, this is how.

Gianpaolo vittorioso di ritorno da Karakoy, Istanbul

a cheerful Gianpaolo coming back from Kadikoy, Istanbul

One comment on “Something Blue, Something New, Something Borrowed

  1. Myla R
    18 September 2022

    Nice ppost thanks for sharing

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