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Where To Eat Turkish Breakfast

We found the place thanks to a friend here in Istanbul who arranged us a meeting with an urbanist in a place that looked like a nice little spot where to eat a rich Turkish breakfast. Unfortunately the first time we went there it was too full to allow us in, so we moved forward and chose a semi-arena where we chatted with Aysha, about the urban history of Istanbul and its redevelopment projects. When we travel to specific cities for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, researching and narrating the stories of African migrants there, we also like to understand the changes on an urban level.

That being said, we took the chance of a sunny Sunday to go back to Cafe Privato, a nice restaurant in the Galata area in Beyoglu, not far from the well-known Istiklal Caddesi. The place is small but cozy and waiters speak also in English, it’s easy to tell it received some good reviews from some travelling magazine: there are way too many tourists there. But there are Turkish as well which always makes us feel better, in fact we try to avoid those very touristic restaurants. For this one we made an exception. We ordered two teas and two special breakfasts for a total of 77TL, that’s about 25 euros, which is not much for what we had (see the picture), but it is indeed quite pricey for the standard of the city.

Anyway, if you want to have a look for yourself and you are in Istanbul looking for a place where to have Turkish breakfast, here is the address:

Cafe Privato 
Address: Şahkulu Mh., Galip Dede Cd No:3, 34420 Şişhane Beyoğlu, Turkey
photo (1)

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