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This Is The Sound of Istanbul From Our Window

Step out of your rooms, if you try and listen to the sounds of your city, what can you hear?

Istanbul is such a blaze of  perfumes, sounds and cultures. We are discovering it day by day while walking in the streets and seeing an Armenian church two steps thrown from a Catholic church where a Nigerian priest is telling the mass. Or we can see it on Istiklal, where all kind of people are passing by: veiled women, Americans, Indians, women in mini skirts, businessmen, children with parents, children with no parents. There really is everything in this city, that’s way it was also so interesting to come and find the African community for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES. But one of the most poetic experiences so far, is the call for prayers to the mosque, mixed to the sound of birds and the city. Here’s a taste of it:

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