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Slave Trade In The Ottoman Empire

When thinking about slave trades, it is normal for many of us to think about the time when Africans were brought to the Americas to work as slaves there. Hence, the birth what has been defined as African-Americans. However, slave trade was not something only related to that side of the world, even in the Ottoman Empire Africans were taken to be slaves and the result of it is that today a small group of people here in Turkey are calling themselves Afro-Turks. Given the Ottoman Empire ended in 1918, the history of the Afro-Turks is much more recent. And today we’re going to discover a little bit more about it. We are attending a  panel organised by the Afro-Turks association of Turkey where topics like discrimination and blackness will be discussed. In fact, we’ll be giving our contribution by screening a short video from our documentary on African migrants, (IN)VISIBLE CITIES and I will share my experience and observation on blackness.

We’ll send more insight later!

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