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Stay and Fight or Leave and Live?

Last time I checked my name wasn’t Rosa Parks or Malcom X or Martin Luther King, it was simply Bea and yet I feel like fighting the kind of battles those amazing people had to face.

Where are you from, really?
Now, you people even speak Italian?
There are no such things like Black Italians

For someone who has been living in the UK for a long time, these sentences just sound like they were pronounced back in 1900. But nope, I’ve been hearing them for a very long time and as a child I had lot of patience and will to answer, they were harmless. But as a grown up journalist, sometimes they prevent me from job. And that’s unacceptable. What does it say of a country if you are not allowed to do your job because you are “chocolate” coloured?

It says loads of things and none of them are good.

Compared to the great minds I mentioned earlier these are minor issues, and hate to make everything about race like: that’s why people don’t find job, that’s why he burped “in my face”, that’s why they think I’m a prostitute… I hate that everything has to come back to this, but believe when I say that Italy has a race problem. Not with tourists or people passing by, it’s just with whoever looks different but then speaks like them. And of course when I say Italy I don’t mean the entire country but some people, and mainly in Rome. There are some amazing Italians, super available and kind, in Rome they are just a bit more difficult to spot.

For the past months I have been going to schools to make children aware of different culture and everything “others” to try to give them a chance to think differently. And they are so incorruptible that they give me hope.

But I’m not sure this is a battle I want to face with adults. I could be somewhere else where people don’t make such a fuss for your skin colour and life is much more advanced. Or I could stay and fight, but then how? Cause I’m telling you some people just deserve a slap on their faces, others just to be educated. But still, it takes effort.

So, should I stay and fight or leave and live?
Would you stay or leave? 

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