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Would You Like To Watch (IN)VISIBLE CITIES?

This is an exclusive invitation for those whose curiosity is spiking and kicking. This is an invitation for those who want to spy in the door keyhole and discover something new. This is for those who want to be proved wrong and those who want to travel. This is for you!

If you wish to watch (IN)VISIBLE CITIES with your friends and family in the comfort of your hometown, you can do that. Drop us a line and you’ll come to you! Write us at “look AT invisiblecities DOT us”

4 comments on “Would You Like To Watch (IN)VISIBLE CITIES?

  1. Gual Ketema
    9 October 2014

    I’m having trouble containing my enthusiasm, and for that reason I’m putting a suggestion in comments rather than over email. I vote to watch “Invisible Cities” in Washington D.C., USA for two reasons. First, the city is a gumbo pot of Blacks where 14 percent belong to just one African community. They’re mostly East Africans in the surrounding counties (Maryland, and sections of Virginia) and two, it would get much traction due to the blatant diversity and cultural acceptance (think of all embassies and NGOs there) of different groups. Please come to D.C.

    • 🙂 we’d love to come to Washington indeed! We’re thinking about touring in the US next year maybe over the summer. If you have any specific place you think it would be effective to screen please don’t hesitate to write it down or email us! Thanks a lot! And have you had Thu chance to watch the trailer? (IN)VISIBLE CITIES – Year #1: Trailer 3 min.:

  2. Gual Ketema
    9 October 2014

    I have watched the trailer. I’m itching to view it in its entirety. As for the right or appropriate menu, I will sit on it for a while and write you. Thanks for listening.

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