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African Women in Fashion

As you might have noticed by reading Balobeshayi, I have an obsession with everything African, especially when it involves African women.
So, here I am on a plane to Belgium and the Brussels Airlines magazine is the lightest thing I have to read (others are mainly news outlets). I pick it up and find the piece called “the Freetown three”: three histories of three inspiring African people who made or are making a name for themselves.

I will never repeat enough that Africans are not only “despair, deaths, poverty…” There’s always something else, and this article talks briefly about this. It describes the story of Kai Kai who founded her own brand in Sierra Leone – Madame Woke, that now has

Loyal following that extends to the European and American diaspora communities


This brief one is just a reminder: do not underestimate people based on their continent of origin.

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