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Yesterday I paid attention to the latest boek by Lieve Joris. She wrote beautifully about the relationship between Africa and China. She followed petty traders and students and labourers and scientists. In this way she paints a thrilling picture of the bridges that are being built between China and Africa.

This month her book will be published in French. The title will be “Sur les ailes du dragon” (there is a completely different book with the same title!!). The publisher will be Actes Sud. This is not her first book that has been published in French. It is number nine! For two of her books she received literary prizes. In 1999 she received the Prix l’Astrolable voor het publication Mali Blues. Eleven years later her book Les Hauts Plateaux (about Eastern Congo) was warded the Prix Nicolas Bouvier.

We wish Lieve well with this new translation.

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This entry was posted on 18 September 2014 by in Women.

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