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Why Do Japanese Want To Be Black Like African-Americans

When I was little I remember thinking: “why do people want to go to the beach and get darker and then come to me saying ‘look I’m almost as dark as you are!'” With time I came to realise some felt like darker was synonym of healthier, which I can understand. But it isn’t funny when that happens with a specific group of people who is often thought lower of? Such as African-Americans?

The latest weirdest case I was made aware of are Japanese going for the B-Style, short for Black Lifestyle … … the dots stand for many things: is there anything like a black lifestyle? black from where? why?

I’ll let you draw your own conclusion but one thing stood up in the article about Japanese turning black “cause black people are so cute and stylish”, it was at the very end of the article published on Vice magazine, a comment:

interesting how everyone want to be black when it comes to hip hop and partying and using the n-word. And no one want to be black when it comes to racial profiling, racist ass cops and being denied access to resources..




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