African Women Voices

Girls at War and Other Stories by Chinua Achebe

11 November 2014 · Leave a comment

If You Think Africans Are Not Creative, Think Again

The world is missing out on a great chance to learn from African creatives worldwide, simply because they don’t think they exist. 

8 November 2014 · Leave a comment

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Mother’s Tongue

Originally posted on Homecoming:
What is a language gene, anyway? A language gene is what a person thinks is a trait inherited or inborn in bilingual and polyglot speakers. Benny…

7 November 2014 · Leave a comment

What’s The Deal With The Nappy Hair?

Nappy hair, ever heard this expression? I did several times referred to African and African-American women hair and never cared to looked it up and do some more research until … Continue reading

6 November 2014 · 1 Comment

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