African Women Voices

If You Think Africans Are Not Creative, Think Again

The world is missing out on a great chance to learn from African creatives worldwide, simply because they don’t think they exist. 

Let me rephrase this: unfortunately on average stereotypes on African women and men, outnumber the actual truths people know about them. Just to highlight a few scaring questions that demonstrate how little people know about Africa: someone told me he was once asked “How did you arrive in the US from Africa?” I was personally asked “Are there black people in Italy?” And also “Does your hair grow with braids?”

If these are the basis, let’s not start to begin asking whether they know there are African creatives in the world. A new documentary is showing their genius and that’s really an amazing job! The documentary is called Afripedia (rings out a bell?) I first heard about it on Shadow And Act (which is another amazing tool!), and I’m looking forward to watch it. This is how the creators of Afripedia define it:

Afripedia [af-ri-pee-deeuh] noun, plural

A platform and a visual guide to art, film, photography, fashion, design, music and contemporary culture from African creatives worldwide.

Not sure they’ll soon screen around Europe but I’m happy to share the trailer in the meanwhile. Happy watching!

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