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If You Care About Afro Hair Read This

Few days ago I posted about the so-called Nappy Hair (you can read the post here), and just as I was getting into my working routine I discovered an amazing project. It’s called My Hair My Voice and it’s a documentary narrating the stories behind the art of styling afro hair. The project, about which you can read more below, is crowdfunding (common practice of retrieve financial support from the online community) and I thought the best way to help out was to share it with you. So keep reading to learn more the art of styling afro hair and the journey of My Hair My Voice which is being produced by Nadirah Iman and Quenell Jones

The objective of “My Hair My Voice” is to produce a feature length documentary film that will celebrate the diversity and versatility of black hair. This documentary will be told from the intimate perspective of a woman, Nadirah Iman, who confronts her own hair story by transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

This documentary will also explore the history, science, and more specifically celebrate black hair as an art form. Our documentary will showcase the vast diversity of hair textures that exist within the black hair community.

For the past two years during the development of this film, our intentions have always been to showcase black hair across America.  Please join us on this wonderful journey.

To become coproducer of the film, just join the crowdfunding campaign by clicking here

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