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How many women, foreigners and diverse people are in newsrooms?

Dear All,

I haven’t disappeared nor I forgot about Balobeshayi and all of you who read it. I’ve been working on few projects, one of which you can find below. It’s a very interesting panel I moderated last Sunday during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia. The topic? Diversity.

How many women do you see in newsrooms? How many people of foreign origins? How many professionals with disabilities? And in addition to this, how many are represented in our tv programs.

At the International Journalism Festival this year, I talked about this issues with some inspiring people: Anna Meli, from the Association Carta di Roma (that has been trying to discipline Italian journalist in the way they report about migrants and diversity in general), Tana De Zulueta (former MP and one of the editor of the Human Rights Convention for the Italian Parliament), Stéphane Bijoux (diversity responsible for France Télèvision) and Vittorio di Trapani (national secretary for USIGRAI).

Last time we were in Perugia it was to screen (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, we just came back from Istanbul and were looking forward for some feedbacks and it was awesome!

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