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The old way of networking involved climbing a ladder while pushing others down or to the side for individual benefit. In today’s world, what’s important is no longer about power … Continue reading

21 October 2013

Quest’anno all @internazfest si è parlato tanto di immigrazione e Africa, non potevamo mancare #intfe

6 October 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the fastest Italians at the moment: Delmas Obou and Gloria Hooper, 100m national champions #intfe #2nd #generations #migrants

5 October 2013

Lui parla con accento toscano, lei veronese, sono i due italiani più veloci del momento: Delmas Obou e Gloria Hooper, campioni nazionali dei 100m! #intfe #secondagenerazione #migranti

5 October 2013

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