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Cinema Trevi trema, (IN)VISIBLE CITIES avanza

24 ore e saremo sullo schermo del cinema Trevi della città eterna. Giovedì 9 ottobre alle 21 (IN)VISIBLE CITIES arriva sugli schermi italiani grazie a Ottobre Africano. Passare a buttare … Continue reading

8 October 2014 · 1 Comment

African Migrants in China

There are more than two hundred thousands Africans in Guangzhou! That’s one of the reason Gianpaolo and me decided to include the city in (IN)VISIBLE CITIES 

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If Someone Invites You In, Go!

The most terrifying horror movies have a started like this: a door, some creepy guy inviting you to enter and the voice of your mom echoing in your head saying … Continue reading

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