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Green Zone: "It is not for you to decide what happens here"


Less than one hour ago, I was sitting on an uncomfortable seat in Cinewolrd, Cardiff.

I was shivering and reasoning because of the GREEN ZONE. The new movie by Paul Greengrass is not what I expected.

First, there are no many scenes in which the director uses a steadicam. this means you may feel dizzy at the last titles, but it also means the movie becomes similar to a documentary. Which seems to be the aim considering that even Matt Damon – the protagonist, does not invade the screen.

Second, Greengrass was able to show together several pieces of the chess game, which is war. Media, Army, Intelligence, single stories, support a glance of the story of a country, Iraq. Just a glance, because the story evolves in few days.

Details together with action and narrative, makes this movie a good medium. A messenger that delivers a message: “It is not for you to decide what happens here.”

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