African Women Voices

Where is home?


Born and raised in New Zealand. Lived and worked in Switzerland. Studied in the UK.Visited US, Australia, Czech, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria.

Where is home?

Home will always be the country where I was born and raised, New Zealand, but I now also feel at home in Switzerland where I have spent several years and am about to return to, as well as Wales where I live now.


Born and raised in Italy. Lived and studied in Denmark.Volunteers in Croatia. Travelled in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala, Brazil, Qatar, India, Nepal. Lives in London.

Where is home?

Home is to me everything but a static concept. Home is when a friend hugs at the airport, before I leave. Home is talking to my mum over Skype. Home is when I listen to ‘‘last goodbye” by Jeff Buckley. Home is when I take a picture in black and white and then frame it.


Born in Italy. Raised in Campania, Sardinia, Florence and Rome. Photographed and travelled in Senegal, France, Portugal, China, Japan, Holland, Taiwan, Spain and Tunisia.

Where is home?

I was born during a trip. Travelling is part of my blood […] I moved many times and in many cities […] While travelling,  I discovered I don’t just have one identity but many.

You feel home anywhere in the world where the appearance, the smell, the sound and colour, stimulate your soul and help remind you of who you are. […] Many places are now my home because they gave me the feeling of  being welcomed […] As life is all a matter of flowing energy, you can feel home on the other side of the world and a stranger in your own family.

Where is your home?

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