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Pay Me My Money Down

I found this awesome website with plenty of job opportunities for recent graduate students. They send me email alerts every some times: “Your hot jobs!” I take a look at the long – extremely long – list of internships offered: design, fashion, marketing. Every interesting sector you can think of is on the list.

So I think “cool!Maybe I’ll get something interesting finally!” I think that knowing that an internship may not be paid.

I think that knowing that it may last one, maybe two weeks, a month. With this excited attitude I read the description, they’re looking for someone with experience, hard-worker, great degree etc … In a lack of modesty I think “This is it, let’s apply.” But then I scroll down and for the first, second, third, fourth … advert what I read under “salary” is:

  • unpaid
  • unpaid
  • voluntary
  • work experience!potential for later payment!

Full-time, five days a week – which I’d like to remember is made of seven days, one of which dedicated to rest for God’s will in London. London, the third most expensive city in the world after Tokyo and Moscow (blame Forbes, not me).

I don’t know much about human resources, job hunting and work experience … After all I have my unstable way to pay the bills. My only knowledge is related to 68 jobs applications in the last nine months, 200 hours of work experience, 36 months of internship (well, that was in Italy, so it doesn’t count!). But I did learn that there are many crappy workers out there, and there are crappy job adverts scattered here and there. You have to know your value, a job advert should be as brief as your cover letter, as concise as your resume.

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