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From Shore to Shore

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The first thing is the smell. A sour incense fragrance fills my lungs.

The second is the sight. Up above my head is a high-vaulted ceiling of a church partially illuminated.

The third is a sound. It’s a flute accompanying a clean voice of a woman in her trip to high-pitched notes.

My first cultural night in London is a sensorial experience. It begins on a Monday evening in the St Mark’s church in Camden Town at around 7.30pm.

Having the house of worship as a stage, three groups exhibited as part of the intercultural project Entertaining Morocco. Inspired by Alison Atkinson’s play “Entertaining Morocco,” the adventure was born with the aim of involving young English and Moroccan citizens in an intercultural exchange by using dance, music, photography, drama and arts.

The stage itself talks about intercultural. People are sitting in circle where, on time of prayers, the benches are. At their feet are laid colourful rugs and small tables. The creative ensemble is facing the audience. At moments, one of the actress, or two of them stand up and recite Shakespeare. Their voices, naturally amplified by the wide space, travel from one end to another of the church.

“From Shore to Shore” is a mixture of acting, English music from the 17th century, Soufi music from Morocco and dancing. As the percussions start rolling people lose their seats and join in for a circle dance that only stops for a standing ovation.

“From Shore to Shore” is directed by Diane Lazenby and performed by the Passamezzo and the Association of Mogador Chant et Musique Soufie.

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