African Women Voices

Getting (Un)Dressed To Change

Starting today is changing style. This companion and container of thoughts, news and stories will have a new “editorial” line and a new outfit.

While for the graphic outfit you’ll need to bear few more weeks, the editorial line is ready to go and rock! After reading, discussing, writing and researching the bottom line is that we need to hear more from women. Not only this, we need to hear more from African women and in general women from black minorities.

It  sounds like someone (me) is a bit partisan and you might be right if you think that. Maybe is because all my energy have been used to research and produce a major and ambitious documentary on African migrants, or it might only be that numbers show not every ethnicity is equally represented in this world. It seems like not everyone has the same right to be heard.

On from now on you will hear those voices: whether is through a written interview,  video or a podcast. Coming soon are a couple of amazing stories!

First is MariTè, an Italo-Congolese afro-pop singer who stumbled in the inadvisable world of modelling, just to run into a not very charming proposition.

You will also hear from Michelle, a high school student born in Italy but from Congolese parents who’s struggling to get a recognition of her nationality. Do you want to know how long is going to take her?

This is how is going to look like from now on: dynamic, challenging and open to contributors!

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