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What`s the idea behind invisible cities and are you planning to feature us in Nairobi?

Thanks for asking! We are in fact featuring people from Nairobi and we also have some people follwoing us from Eldoret, which is amazing!

Through (IN)VISIBLE CITIES we are collecting stories, history and tales of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa living in places outside Africa and mainly in communities so that people (comfortly sitting at home) don’t have to. In this way we’re hoping/aiming to promote a culture that welcomes diversity. 

About coming to Kenya we’d love to, and we are still defining the cities to visit next year and the year after that. All depends on how spread the project becomes and the availability of funds. 

I hope that answers your question. Feel free to ask me more!

(just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link to our FB page:

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