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Where To Eat A Great Piece of Meat

If you are looking for a great “fiorentina” as it is called in Italy, you could surely direct your compass to Florence in Tuscany. However, today we discovered an exquisite place just outside Florence, in a small town called Burchio. Unfortunately we devoured everything so quickly we didn’t think about taking a picture of the 1.4kg steak they served on a stone (to keep it warm).  I personally had a sirloin with truffle cream on it … I can’t start to describe the stingy taste and how tender was the meat. That was our last stop in Italy with family before heading Istanbul for filming our fourth episode of the series (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, a documentary series on the African Diaspora in 13 cities of the world. Wish us luck!

Nitty gritty about the taverna we ate in:

Average price for pasta dish: €10, the fiorentina can take up to 25 minutes to be ready and price varies based on the weight
ANTICA TRATTORIA DEL BURCHIO –  VIA Provinciale 12 – 50064 – INCISA VALDARNO (FI) – Fraz. BURCHIO  Tel: 055 8330190 

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