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How To Trace Your Origins Back To Africa

An African-American academic met in LA once told me: “when I went to Ghana, I felt that my ass belonged there.” Shortly after an African-American young guy told me how he started to attend the Ethiopian church because it was the most ancient Christian faith and he knew that if he was to trace his origins back to his ancestors, it would have arrived in Ethiopia. None of the two people has ever research their own origins but still had an opinion on where they felt their identities laid. That’s fascinating, but from a personal viewpoint also incomplete. I don’t believe it’s enough to guess your African country of origins, you need to dig deeper. That’s why I was so intrigued in reading that an Australian professor actually managed to trace the origins of an Afro-Cuban community, back to a village in Sierra Leone, where more than 170 years ago slaves were taken. You can read more on this BBC News article.

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