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How much do you know about the invisible Afro-Turks

Talking to the panel of the Afro-Turks association on Saturday was extremely productive! Have you ever heard about the Afro-Turks? The name explains in it well
they are Turks of visible African origins.

Why do I highlight “visible”?
That’s because color makes a big difference in this country. Afro-Turks were brought to Istanbul and Turkey in general to work as slaves during the Ottoman Empire which lasted until 1918. Women from Somalia, Ethiopia etc. were brought in the country and became the personal prostitutes of rich families.

All this is not in any history book at school, people don’t know about it.
The average Turkish person doesn’t know about this.
And this is shameful.

So do research about Afro-Turks to learn more about them. Our contribution was to share Bea’s experience and the stories we gathered through (IN)VISIBLE CITIES


4 comments on “How much do you know about the invisible Afro-Turks

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  3. betul
    17 February 2016

    hey, i am a turkish girl. my maternal grandfather is either from egypt or sudan. he brought turkey as an orphan and he had to work for a village man in turkey.

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