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Slave Trade In The Ottoman Empire

When thinking about slave trades, it is normal for many of us to think about the time when Africans were brought to the Americas to work as slaves there. Hence, … Continue reading

26 April 2014 · Leave a comment

This Is One Way of Seeing the World

  I saw this on the wall of a building in Istanbul and found it beautiful: 

24 April 2014 · Leave a comment

“We’re Not Only Refugees”

Every year, a ball, a field become the right setting for panafricanism here in Istanbul.

24 April 2014 · Leave a comment

Heat, Football and Traffic Jam

What’s missing in the picture is the soundtrack: Beyonce. Which fits in well, considered that’s how they used to call me when I first came in Istanbul two years ago, … Continue reading

23 April 2014 · 4 Comments

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