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Oh Boy! I miss Turkey, and Los Angeles, and Cardiff

How is it possible to miss so many places at once, so many homes at once, so many scenarios and languages? Not sure but  I know I do. 

It’s been  two months since we came back from Istanbul and listening to the interviews we conducted for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, makes me feel so homesick, although I am at home. Except is only one of many. That’s the problem when you decide you have to work as if you were a local in the place, you get attached to it, to its weather, to its people. And as it often happens, at some point you are tired of it. But as soon as you leave, you feel like you can’t live without being there…

We are condemned to love to many homes, to many people … and to miss them.

TheCalligrapher (1 di 1)

2 comments on “Oh Boy! I miss Turkey, and Los Angeles, and Cardiff

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