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Are You Afraid of the Black Man?

Who would have imagined that reading a Washington Post article could be so fun? The topic? Of course it’s Ebola.
You never heard about this horrific disease that spread in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leon and killed hundred of people but about which nobody gave a damn until it reached Texas?

Well Ebola has reached the US: it happened trough a Liberian man who unfortunately died in Dallas. Well, given there is no cure for Ebola, it’s interesting that the real effort in finding one, only started when the US felt the stink of danger, and this theory does not come from me but from a man called Kofi Annan.

And this is not really the point. Let’s go back to when I was laughing while reading this article from the Washington Post that states:

West Africans here say they have been ostracized because of the fear generated by the illness. Some people refuse to shake their hands. A cough brings unwanted attention. Some have been asked to leave work and go home “to sit for a while”

I know, it sounds more like something to cry about, but c’mon, can’t you see how beautifully funny is idiocracy? It’s also a bit vintage in its flashback to the 80s when it was widely believed HIV was an homosexual prerogative and could certainly been transmitted just with proximity.

One always hope we advance instead of walking backward, but apparently that’s not fun enough.

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