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This Is What Happens When Advertising Works

Nigeria has just banned same-sex marriage. Right in the moment when

16 January 2014 · 2 Comments

Arab Spring Didn’t Change Much for Women

Two years after the Arab Spring, how are things different for women? The question was asked to 25 women in the Arab world whose testimonies were filmed and put on … Continue reading

11 February 2013 · Leave a comment

“Sex is Great! But…”

Parents should be aware of the increased sexualisation of girls, says UK shadow Minister for Public Health Diane Abbott. 

23 January 2013 · Leave a comment

Day Twelve: Sexualizing Women in TV

Since its invention the television has conveyed messages and information about our society. In some ways it has influenced how we look at women and men.

6 December 2012 · Leave a comment

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