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This Is What Happens When Advertising Works

Nigeria has just banned same-sex marriage. Right in the moment when the discussion on gay marriage is heating up all over the world. The New York Times published that Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan not only signed a bill to forbid gay marriage but same-sex relationships altogether.

The awesome part of this, is the well-working advert on the right side of the article by Rick Gladstone. The square advert invites: “Come join us!”

In the image two shirtless men with straw hats on, are holding their hands. The image is interrupted by a headline calling for people to join their gay cruises in the Caribbean. After the blue background with the clear invitation stamped on it goes away, another image arrives.

Three guys, one tall, one medium size, one short, are in what seems to be a pool or a very blue sea; they’re smiling happily lined up: one in front of the other, where the shorter is leading the track.

Can’t you see the poetry?

Nigeria Bans Same-Sex Marriage

2 comments on “This Is What Happens When Advertising Works

  1. awoni3
    16 January 2014

    That’s just beautiful 🙂

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