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Women: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A group of American activists got together to fight gender inequality, the field of war being Wikipedia. Al Jazeera reports: 

On March 15, groups from across the United States will participate in a project titled Feminists Engage Wikipedia . Initiated by THATCamp Feminisms and WikiWomen’s History Month , the event will attempt to improve the coverage of women, women’s history and feminism by creating and editing various Wikipedia pages.

Based on the Mashable infographic below, only 9 per cent of women are editors of Wikipedia. This is to say there are 1.5 million female editors versus 15.5 million male. So much for the “collaborative” encyclopedia.

In defence of women it could be argued that they have much better things to do than update, edit, and write arguably reliable information. But that would sound bad for Wikipedia (aren’t they in a bad place already?). Since it’s supposed to be a collaborative media, only so much can be blamed on them. Because people should offer their time in the first place.  And to tell the truth, discussing the reasons behind the unequal gender representation in Wikipedia is not really the aim of who’s writing.

This is only a way to reach another reflection which started with the election of the new Pope, Francis I. Despite what he was quoted saying about the role of women in the society, truth is we will never see a woman becoming Pope. Forget that the Catholic Church does not even allow women to become priests, there is something terribly wrong in hoping that one gender, one ethnic group, one side of world, will one day rule the world.

First it was the black President of the US (about whom there’s a strange feeling that because he’s not “that black”, it’s ok for him to be president). After Obama first mandate the question mumbling in the corridors was: will America ever see a female president? And before the elections of the Pope: will Catholics ever have a black Pope?

Apart from creating an endless series of tedious articles and reports, these speculations foment the thought that it would be such a strange, unbelievable thing for a country or community to step outside of their bigoted beliefs and consider that black or female is not equal to weak or impossible.

Rooted thoughts, that’s what people should be afraid of. The thoughts stuck in their minds, put there by god knows who, with the aim of making them feel better about themselves. Does this sound like feminist? Barely.

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