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Thanks To Thousands!

Dear Reader of,

I wish to personally thank you for following this blog. Balobeshayi has now passed 4,000 viewers, with people joining from all over the world to read its comments on women’s rights and ethnic minorities. 

In view of this achievement I thought I’d tell more about the birth of this blog and its goals. Balobeshayi is a Congolese neologism, I’ve used it to describe a digital space where I expand my journalism activities and interest. Balobeshayi covers issues related to women who influence other women, but also focuses on everyone who’s different, mainly from an ethnical point of view. You’ll read the stories of Congolese women reacting to rapists attacks,migrants stereotypes, activists from all over the world.

Most of the ideas for Balobeshayi comes from people I meet and what they share. That’s why your contribution is very important for me: I want to hear and share what’s important for you and your community, so do get in touch via email or Facebook.

If you are looking for unopinionated posts, maybe Balobeshayi is not the right place. Often, a post is a gut reaction to something shocking that hit the news. In Balobeshayi you’ll find articles fighting injustices, discrimination and stereotypes.

On a more technical note, please remember you can follow Balobeshayi via email (see on the right hand side), Facebook and Twitter. Plus you can read it in more than fifity languages, by clicking here.

I hope you’ll keep sharing Balobeshayi posts. And please do send over your comments and stories, that’s what Balobeshayi is made of.


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