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Weekly Fight of a Zimbabwean Woman in London

Every Saturday Rose leaves her house and travels to central London to get on the Strand, in front of the Zimbabwean embassy. She protests against human rights violations in her birth country, Zimbabwe.Rose Benton has been going on the Strand for the last 11 years and despite this, she feels like nothing changed.

For a starter, since 1987 one person only has been the president of the country: Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Mugabe took power in 1980 as a Prime minister and seven years later as president. He never left since then. During this dictatorship he has been accused of endangering homosexuals, reform the land laws so that white minorities could not have their lands and generally attacking white groups.

Rose Benton is part of that group, but people she has gathered in the last 11 years don’t seem to care about that. As they attract pedestrian through loud music and dances they maintain one common aim: improving the lives of Zimbabwean and make them aware of the violations they are facing.

Listen to Rose as she tells the story of the Saturday Vigil she created and recounts what are her feelings towards her country, after spending more than half of her life under one regime.

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