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How To Be A Hero

Dare to Disrupt

Ever wondered how to become a hero? Climbing walls, saving old people, changing clothes in a phone booth?

That’s not quite the kind of hero I had in mind, not quite the ones I’d admire (besides, my favourite one has always been Batman because he had no superpower – just loads of money!). Then how do you became a superhero with no money, no superpower, no costume?


You need to be disruptive, says Bill Jensen in a very inspiring manifesto recovered on Change This. And the idea of hero he’s suggesting, is far more fascinating than the latex-costumed counterpart: the disruptive hero described by Jensen is one who can really make a difference in the world, change the perspectives, upset traditions.

Keywords for success: be insanely curious, ask questions children would ask, make failure your teacher and learn from other heroes. I have been trying to do that ever since I fell in love with Ryszard Kapuscinski vocation for journalism, ever since his book – The Other, became my personal journalism manifesto.


That’s key for change. Whether it happens in a remote village in the world, a metropolis in Africa, a little town in the US.


2 comments on “How To Be A Hero

  1. Gilles Pradeau
    26 November 2013

    Yoiu might like this

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