African Women Voices

The Moment Your Documentary Becomes A Person

So today I was writing to a friend, we don’t speak very often so we exchanged updates on life in general and I mentioned I was organizing some trips around. And he obviously asked where was I going. The answer was quite straight forward, we’ll be travelling around Italy to screen …. and I pausedĀ for a second, I stopped typing fast as usual and couldn’t decide how to proceed. My dramatic decision was: “should I call it ‘the documentary’ or ‘(IN)VISIBLE CITIES‘?”

In the end I went for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES. Why? Because calling it “the documentary” was too impersonal, as if I was calling my own baby, “child” and not with his/her name. I’m sure it happened long ago, but only now it seem like (IN)VISIBLE CITIES has become a person.


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