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Commenting On Immigration-related Media in London

If you have watched our film (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, you know that a big chunk of what makes migrants what they are (in the eyes of people) comes from the media, they play a huge part in this act. Hence, we love to challenge, comment and share articles related to immigration, like the one written by the New York Times with the headline “Immigration Enriches Me And You“.

A friend of ours also shared with us an initiative from the Westminster University, that is hosting a celebration of the International Migration Day on December 18th. They’re looking for migrants to step up and comment on media pieces related to migration that discomfort, disappoint, enriched them. So here is the call:

The Westminster Migrant Network Group and Migrant Voice are currently inviting participants for International Migrants’ Day (December 18th, 6-9pm, Regent Street Campus). The evening will include a number of different strands, including a film showing, an international ‘potluck’ and presentations on immigration and the media. We will be sending out invitations for audience members within the next couple of weeks.

At the moment, we are looking for participants for the ‘immigration and media’ section of the evening. In particular, we are inviting migrants and people from a migration background to pick any recent media story – a newspaper article, a short TV clip (advertisement, news segment), a radio show – which concerns immigration, and to explain their reactions to it to members of the audience. Rather than seminar style presentations, the event will consist of stalls for every person taking part and audience members will then be free to circulate the room and talk to various participants. We will provide photocopying assistance and multimedia support for participants, so that they can distribute copies of the articles or play the relevant TV clip or radio segment on a continuous loop while they talk to audience members.

We so much wished we could have gone but it seems like our International Migrant Day will be celebrated from other countries.



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