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This Girl Was Sexually Harassed and Killed Herself, It Is Not OK!

There are sensitive issues we often hear people talking about. But because of their nature you need to approach them with princess feet. I hope I’m doing this right. 

Pictured in this post, you will see a young girl, her story arrived to me through Shoot4Change Facebook page, if you don’t know this amazing filmmakers and photographers for social change you should really check them out. The picture was posted by the girl’s cousin, a photojournalist living in New York:

Sharing a very personal post about a mishap in my family. This is a last picture with my cousin (in the middle) who killed herself yesterday. She was sexually harassed by a boy in her school around 4 years ago. The school transferred the boy after we threatened to go to the police. Thereafter she was being harassed, threatened and insulted by her teachers and school principal. Yesterday the school threatened to expel her for not completing an assignment and insulted my aunt for filing baseless sexual harassment and for trying to spoil the school’s reputation. This is an appeal to all my friends in India and abroad. Please support us to highlight this issue so that it doesn’t happen to another girl. We want justice. ‪#‎Sexualharrassment‬‪ #‎seekingsupport‬

From down here, there is very little I can do to support Smita, who wrote the post. All I could offer is that people talk about this and realise that it is not ok for young girl to be sexually harassed, embarrassed and hurt to the point she commits suicide. It wouldn’t be ok if the girl was from a European, African or American country, or if it was a boy and not a girl. The sacrality of the human mind and body should never be breached, most certainly at this young age. Never, ever, ever, stay quiet if you feel you’re being attacked physically or psychologically. Never, ever, ever feel guilty if someone touches you. And if you witness something is off, speak out. Silence is the real killer.

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One comment on “This Girl Was Sexually Harassed and Killed Herself, It Is Not OK!

  1. Y
    4 February 2015

    I certainly support all efforts to bring this horror to an end.

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