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Where Are the Defenders of Freedom of Speech when Congolese Students Are Killed?

From some days now, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been under fire. Specifically, in its capital, Kinshasa, students have been killed by the police while they were protesting. We saw no “Je Suis Kinshasa” sign on Facebook, “Charlie Hebdo”-style campaign, very few disseminating the story, supporting the students. 

The updates and revolt I read was on Facebook, by some selected friends, such as activist Kambale Musavuli, journalist Sarah M. Kazadi e Michelle, who was already a guest of Balobeshayi some time ago. They all posted news, images, comments on the situation. And it’s such a good timing now that I’m reading Martin Luther Kings’ Letter from Birmingham Jail as part of the Acumen courses. In this wonderful text King writes timeless reflection, one of them could be roughly sum up like this: there is no time to waste, don’t say “wait, things will change”. Start changing now because if you don’t do it, nobody will for you, nobody will give you the freedom you deserve. And don’t ever think that if something happens outside of your safe perimeter it will not affect you, it will. We, as human being, are all connected. We, as political individuals, affect each other actions. Even from far away.

Hence, that begs the question: why the defenders of Charlie Hebdo freedom of speech have now disappeared? Is someone trying to tell us that freedom is selective and only applies to some of us?

That’s just a thought. It’s me, using my only weapon.

2 comments on “Where Are the Defenders of Freedom of Speech when Congolese Students Are Killed?

  1. Discourse drops
    22 January 2015

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    Je suis kinshasa…

  2. Discourse drops
    22 January 2015

    We need posters. We need the world to also march to the streets whenever Africa is mourning.

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