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Racism Is Alive And Kicking in The US

The following has been reported by the Congolese activist Kambale Musavuli on his rather active Facebook page.
Racism still exists people, you just have to learn not to let it go!

Stopped a cab, got in. Cab driver asks “where are you going?” I respond “near Columbus circle…” He asks “what’s the address?” I pull up the address from the booklet and say “260 west xxx”. He then says “I’m sorry I can’t take you there.” My response is “what? You know it’s illegal for you to not take me to my destination?” He adds “hmm. How much you want to pay?” I say “you’re the driver, tell me how much!” He says “$30.” I respond “ok, then…” Then he asked me to pay first. My response ” you want to see if I have money?” I proceeded to show him $70 in my wallet and he still refused to take me to my destination. Well, I called NYPD and of course they asked him to take me there. His explanation is that he has had people go to location and they don’t pay. “Which people? Are you afraid of black people?” Of course he said no. After debating with the cops, he was forced to take me.

Well, I recorded the whole thing and this guy must stop being afraid of picking up black people in Harlem!

MD Ahmed
License 537693 (medallion)

5453488 (NYC license)

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