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Things To Do If You Are Inspired

Sometimes you just have to do it, when you are inspired by something or someone all you have to do is share, share and create. That’s why from today on Balobeshayi will feature posts written by amazing writers, women, students, mainly of African origins.
It starts tomorrow with a story I first heard in Santa Cruz, Lisbon few weeks ago (feels like ages already): written and read by Jennifer, Not All That Glitters, is the short story narrating the disillusioned experience of an African migrant arriving in Europe. Not All That Glitters will appear tomorrow on Balobeshayi so keep reading! And here is a greeting from Jennifer, you can also follow her blog and she’s on Twitter too:

Hello! My name is Jennifer. I’m a writer/blogger in my late 20s. I was born in the UK, currently living in London and have fiery Ghanaian roots.

I currently work as an HR professional however I like to keep creative by writing short stories, articles and a bit of poetry. I have a blog where I ramble about the on goings of life.

My material is focused on my background and the experiences of people around me. So yes…It is pretty Africa focused.

I am eager to learn more about the continent and for that reason I have started to familiarise myself with great authors of my time and before my time. Just as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said ‘it is important for Africans to tell our own stories’. I am hopeful that this generation will birth great authors just as the previous generation did. I want to see Africa develop for the better and literature plays an important part!

Much Lºve

Jennifer x

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