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I Met the African Diaspora and I Loved it

It happened in Portugal, very few days ago. It was unexpected, like the first kiss that arrives while you think about something else, while you’re almost jot looking.
To be fair, I wasn’t really thinking about something else because since my crazy experience started with (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, I have had a particular eye fir everything of African origins, especially people. So when this week, I met and worked with a group of Europeans of the African Diaspora I was in the right mood but pleasantly surprised by the energy, ideas, strength, arguments and creativity of these young professionals like myself. And the surprise was not because I think Africans can’t be bright, but because I had the first-hand experience on what we’re capable of.
We gathered in Santa Cruz, Portugal to find ways to promote and give life to the soon to come Internatinal Day of African Diaspora (IDAD), that will take place on October 3rd for the first time. More news will come soon…
In the meantime here are some memories from the meeting.




3 comments on “I Met the African Diaspora and I Loved it

  1. abooth08
    21 May 2014

    awesome, check out my blog

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