African Women Voices

What African Women Do For Other Women

It started by word-of-mouth as the result of tragedy, but now My Sister’s Keeper – an African women’s network to support new arrivals who face abuse – is proving so successful it’s opening its arms to other cultures.

 “We were all either suffering from stress, from depression, from domestic violence, from rape, but we were so scared to talk about it,” said Emily Tanui, President of My Sister’s Keeper.

“It is a big problem, but because of where we’ve come from, shame, guilt, those things stop us from talking about the real truth about how far and how deep this is.”

Committee member Lucy Muringo Gichuhi said those kinds of abuses led to tragedy in Adelaide’s African community.

“We’ve had three suicides in the community [of close relatives] so that is when [we had the idea of] we need to start watching out for women especially and young girls before they slip into depression.” >>more here


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This entry was posted on 18 March 2015 by in News, News, Women.
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